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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Water Park

We took the girls to a water park in Wisconsin Dells today. Cork got free passes a while back that were expiring today. I didn't want to go at the end of my pregnancy and be that far from home. Since I couldn't get in the pools, Cork took the older two around, mainly at the inside water park, and I sat at a table inside with Zia. I got a good couple hours of reading packed into my day and the girls got tired out.

Of course their being tired out meant they both slept some in the car on the way home, which meant they didn't go to bed on time. We didn't even try to get them to bed until over an hour after their regular time. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before them. They were chatting away and goofing off. At one point, I stood outside their door, peeking in to listen and watch a little. It was very hard not to laugh loud enough for them to hear me. They were playing with their dolls, standing on their beds, making the dolls dance. Together, they'd throw the dolls in the air and then dive on the beds after them. They then started making the dolls go potty and were making comments like "baby pee pee on my lap". When you're exhausted and up half the night, small things like this can be very amusing.

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