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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flubber and Cats

Arya was on the potty today and we had this conversation.
V: You're so pretty.
A: Yeah, my so pretty.
V: When someone tells you you're pretty, that's a compliment. When you get a compliment, the appropriate response is "Thank You". Let's try that again. You're so pretty.
A: Yeah!

She obviously didn't quite grasp my end of the conversation. Meanwhile, Eiley was drawing all over her face with my eyeliner. She was in the same bathroom as us, but apparently when I'm tired, I can only pay attention to one child at a time.

We made Flubber today. Because, who doesn't have 2 cups of glue and Borax in their house. I actually bought the glue last week with this in mind, but had no clue it used 2 cups. Thankfully I bought enough since it was so cheap. I really should remember to not let the 2 year olds use food coloring. I should do it myself. Every time we use it, they want to do it and it gets everywhere! For my own sanity, I keep the food coloring in the very back of the cupboard and don't let them see where I'm getting it from when I get it out. The last thing I need is them getting into it on their own.

I drew a cat today for Eiley and she wanted to draw one. I walked her through it, telling her to draw 2 circles and then a line through them. A mouth, 2 triangles for the ears and a big circle for the head came next. I think she did a great job on hers.

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