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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thumb Sucker

I put Zia in her play mat thing today. I put her on her stomach, with her hands under her and she rolled to her back right away. I put her on her stomach again and she rolled again. I put her on her stomach a third time, but tucked her arms next to her instead of under her. That time she wasn't able to roll over, but she was frantically trying to repeat that roll.

Outside of her play mat, Arya and Eiley were fighting over a pair of garage sale shoes from last week.

Zia gags on just about anything put in her mouth. We tried a bottle yesterday with very poor results. She'll even gag while breastfeeding if she doesn't want any more milk. I was pumping today, in hopes of having milk in case she decides to take a bottle. I heard some smacking noises, so checked on her to find her happily sucking on Eiley's finger. I made Eiley remove her finger as soon as I snapped the picture since I'm not a fan of people putting fingers in a baby's mouth. Zia doesn't even like when she gets her own fingers in her mouth.

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