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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Painted Eyes

Arya and Eiley saw gymnastics on the tv today. Both told me that they wanted to do that and knew that it was related to the tumbling class they take. Eiley tried, but just couldn't master any of the floor exercises she saw on tv. She threw her body around a little and quickly realized she wasn't quite doing what they were doing on tv. I helped both girls do back bends, which we were doing a few weeks ago and then I forgot about them.

During the gymnastics, Arya was quick to point out one of the girls who had used a ton of eye shadow.
A: Mama she paint her eyes.
V: Yes, she did.
E: Her not sposed to do dat.
V: No, she's not.

Haha. They remember when they've painted their faces and I've told them they aren't supposed to do that.

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