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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Funny

I like how neither kid will look at me while the tv is on. They are mezmorized.

I put a bunch of A&E's toys in the basement last week because they refused to help clean up. I finally decided to give some of it back today. They didn't seem to miss it though since they have each other to play with. I told them that they could either have their kitchen or their tent upstairs. Both wanted the tent, but then Eiley threw a fit because she changed her mind and wanted the kitchen. I asked if I put the kitchen in her room, if she would go to sleep at night or if she'd just play with the kitchen. She answered with her toddler honesty and told me she'd play with the kitchen, so I told her it would stay in the basement and she could play wih it downstairs. She was so angry. She went down the stairs and started to scream. Arya told her she'd be on a time out for throwing a fit and that she should go to her room. When she didn't stop, Arya shut the basement door on her. Eiley continued her fit for another 5 minutes or so and then abruptly stopped. "My funny" she started to say. She kept repeating it and laughing as she came up the stairs.

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