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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sewer Grates

We went for a walk this morning and stopped at a few garage sales in the neighborhood while we were out. I bought a toy that had to sit in the stroller, so Arya and Eiley had to walk the 2 blocks home from the last place. I loved watching their personalities while they walked. They both came up to a sewer grate at the same time. Neither has encountered one before because they are either in the stroller or on the sidewalk. The first block we were on didn't have a sidewalk, so they were walking right behind me by the curb. Arya stopped to look at the grate and I could tell she was going to risk it and walk over it. Eiley looked at it and there was no way she was going over that thing. She put one finger up and said "No, no Arya". Of course Arya didn't listen and she walked right over it. We got to the next grate and Arya told Eiley "Another one, you walk over it!" Arya lead and this time Eiley followed because the dare devil had tested it out and it was okay.

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