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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Applesauce Applesauce

Arya and Eiley were super tired today, so I figured I'd try laying them down awake and unswaddled. I was so happy to see them a few minutes later completely knocked out and even more impressed to see they didn't have their pacifiers. My victory was short lived as they only slept about 30 minutes and were not willing to nap again. I tried and tried, but by the end of the day they were super grouchy. I swaddled them and laid them in the play mat (jail) so I could start cooking dinner. They thought it was fun at first, but quickly were yelling to be let out.

When my youngest siblings and I were little, we had a Wheel of Fortune computer game. We loved to get the dos boot up disks out and get the game going. During the game, a red headed Vanna would clap and the word "applause" would flash on the screen. My little brother would always says "applesauce applesauce" and we would all clap along with Vanna. I didn't realize it at the time, but he was misreading applause and just went along with his version. To this day I still think "applesauce applesauce" as I clap.

We usually try to eat dinner all together, but some nights are more challenging than others. Tonight was one of those nights. I fed the kids some peaches as we ate. When they were done they wanted out, but we weren't done yet so we started clapping for them. They are enthralled with clapping right now. Our applesauce applesauce kept them entertained enough that we could finish dinner. Cork and I took turns eating and clapping.


  1. That's great! The whole eating and trying to keep them entertained thing... yeah, we still do that with my 3 & *almost* 2 year old! haha :) Your girls are so pretty!!

  2. Bella likes the "applesauce" too ;) Stops her in her tracks, or whine, whichever LOL