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Friday, March 26, 2010

We Wear Short Shorts

Ok, so they aren't shorts, but their shirts today are actually dresses. I love the dresses and they are way too short to wear as a dress. The kids fit them when we got them at Christmas and had grown out of them within a week or two when they hit a huge growth spurt. The arm length is still good and their skinny bodies fit well, so I figured we could throw some pants underneath and they would be just fine as long shirts. I like the thought of recycling clothes since we go through so many.When we left for the gym Arya was wearing white socks with pink and Eiley was wearing pink socks with white. I usually wouldn't remember what socks they were wearing except for the fact that they were opposites today. I picked them up from the gym day care and the workers were laughing at me because Eiley was wearing one pink sock with white and one white sock with green. I was sure she had left the house with matching socks. I promised them we'd left the house with matching socks. They didn't believe me. I got to the car and found the missing pink sock laying next to where Eiley had sat on the way to the gym. I figure the white sock with green had been left in her car seat yesterday and someone at the gym found it, put it on, and assumed I had dressed her like that this morning. It was nice to find out that I actually am not losing my mind yet.

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  1. With twins, I'm surprised you haven't lost your mind LOL I do the same with the couple of dresses Bella has, it's great!