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Friday, March 19, 2010

Boobs of Steel

Arya and Eiley went from 10:00 pm until 4:30 am last night without eating. They started sleeping well like this within the past week. I'm not up every hour re-swaddling or plugging pacers and they aren't demanding to eat every 3-4 hours.

Their new sleep habit is giving me boobs of steel by the time they eat. My boobs go from normal sized to looking like I've had a bad implant job overnight. I've got boobs up to my throat and in my arm pits. I'm tempted to buy a push up bra, dress up like Pamela Anderson and take a picture. I was thinking yesterday morning that it's too bad milk doesn't fill up my abs. It would be nice to go to the gym in the morning with abs of steel.

My left side tends to produce more milk. Usually, the kids switch the side they eat from every day. I try to do this switch during the first night feeding. Of course, there are nights when I get all confused and can't remember who should be where. Arya just spent two days on my left side. She eats less than Eiley and it produces more. The end result was a really bad looking flat tire on one side. One of my former neighbors had a boob job about 20 years ago. One of them popped last year and she now has a flat tire. She can't afford to fix the thing and hasn't had any luck convincing a doctor to do the surgery for free. I think she must stuff her bra as the flat tire isn't as noticeable, when she comes around, as it once was. Luckily I can even myself out by pumping or usually just by putting Eiley on that side, so I don't have to stuff my bra to not walk around lopsided.


  1. I have boobs of titanium. Bella goes almost 12 hours every night. Mine reach across the room by that time. TG I've never gotten a plugged duct or anything from it!

  2. Ive never had that issue. no matter what I have squishy balls of fat. I havent been engorged..in months? wow.
    Not envious AT ALL. but yay for babies sleeping!

  3. Hahahaha....I love these TMI kind of posts!!!! I completely understand the engorged feeling!!! Abby nurses one side only per feeding, so those nights where she goes a longer stretch the other side almost goes into shock, lol!