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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wild Turkey

No, I haven't resorted to the bottle yet. We had turkeys moseying through our backyard this morning when we were leaving for church. These are one of the animals we don't see often in our yard. In fact, I've only seen them one other time. It's too bad Arya and Eiley were in their car seats already because they are really into animals right now. I would have loved to see their reaction to the turkeys.I was holding both girls this afternoon. As I picked them up I thought I smelled poop. I walked over to Cork and started to ask him if he could sniff Eiley's butt and tell me if she'd pooped. Half way through I started to crack up since I couldn't believe that I was seriously asking him to sniff her butt for me. The kid had four massive poops today, so I shouldn't have needed him to smell her. I should have just assumed she was pooping again. Our conversations have really changed around here. A year ago I don't think I could have gotten away with asking him to sniff someone's butt because the butt in question would have been mine.

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  1. hehe..It is funny how things change one you have kids. Yesterday without thinking I cleaned my nieces banana filled face with my finger and wiped it on my pant leg as I couldnt get away for a cloth..I heard my mom pipe up in the background with 'typical mom'.
    I am always smelling butts here

    Sophia is nuts for animals right now too..if it moves and has hair or fur..it is much more interesting than anything else