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Monday, March 22, 2010

Twinfinity and Beyond

A boy at my gym, who is probably about 4, looked at me today and said, "You have too much babies." After chuckling, I told him that I am okay and have the right amount of babies. "No," he said, "you can't carry them." He said this as I'm holding both car seats. I tell him that I'm carrying them both right now and his response was "But you can't hold them over your head." While he is right and I can't hold both kids over my head in their car seats at the same time, I don't think that means I have "too much babies". I do get all sorts of odd comments from people in public.

I got the following from a website I periodically go to. I have personally heard more than one of the things on this list.

The Top 15 Stupid Things People Say to Parents of Twins:
15. "I could never do that."
14. "Do they have different personalities?"
13. Said by a stranger, "They're identical, right?" Mom answers, "No. They're fraternal." Stranger response, "They are NOT!"
12. "Are they 'paternal' twins?"
11. "Just wait till they are older. It only gets harder."
10. "When on cries, does he wake the other?"
9. From a perfect stranger: "Were they in the same sac?"
8. "Are they developmentally behind?"
7. "How do you do it?"
6. Said by a dentist: "I was shocked they didn't have the same bite patterns."
5. "You must be SO busy."
4. Said to a mom of fraternal twins are are different sizes, have different eye color and different face structure: "How do you tell them apart?"
3. "What do you do when they both cry at the same time?"
2. Said to a mom of boy/girl twins: "Are they identical?"
1. After a stranger had been informed that toddler boys were twins, she asked a simple questions: "Are they brothers?"


  1. HAH! I think we asked a bunch of these on your Mom of the Week LMAO I have personally heard #2 before...amazing.

  2. hahahahahahaha! that is so funny..are they brothers? LOL